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About Us

CHS Mission

CHS Mission

Our mission is to have a relevant broad-based curriculum with global applications which will prepare our students for future challenges. Therefore, our students will become life-long learners, capable of competing and collaborating successfully with others in a global society, utilizing critical thinking skills, using technology and making educated decisions. We will enhance our school culture by providing a safe and drugfree environment that fosters a healthy lifestyle and sustains a community of learners. We will honor traditions and create new ones. The school and community will be integrated in order to provide extra-curricular programs which will continue to develop pride, honor, and excellence.
Mr John Moreno
(760) 768-3888 ext. 4199
Mrs Zuilma Rioseco
(760) 768-3888 ext. 4179
Mrs Korina Tabarez
Coordinator of Academics
(760) 768-3888 ext. 4172
Mr Martin Leyva
(760) 768-3888 ext. 4171
Mrs Delia Tovar
(760) 768-3888 ext. 4173
Mr Mariano Velez
Dean of Students 9th Grade Campus
(760) 768-3888 ext. 4495
Mrs Alejandra Alvarez-Maduena
Assistant-Principal 9th Grade Campus
(760) 768-3888 ext. 4486
CHS Vision

CHS Vision

To provide all students with a stimulating curriculum which will give them life-long learning skills and technological skills which will prepare them for the challenges they will encounter in an everchanging society.